What’s In It For Me

We do the work, you earn the points!

As a Buffalo Cleaning Pro Rewards member you’ll earn points with each professional cleaning you receive from Buffalo Cleaning Pro, LLC.  So why wait, complete your Rewards profile today and start enjoying something DIFFERENT, something EASY, and something REWARDING!


     You deserve more …so we offer more!  Not only do we offer a more superior cleaning service then other cleaning service providers, but we offer more superior benefits as well.  Our superior Buffalo Cleaning Pro, Llc  Rewards program is just one way that we express our great appreciation for you selecting Buffalo Cleaning Pro for your cleaning needs. “The more we clean, the more you earn!”

     So sign up today and instantly receive 100 FREE Reward points towards future cleanings with Buffalo Cleaning Pro, LLC! And as a Rewards members start earning additional points for each cleaning service you purchase thereafter.


     In most B2B partnerships the customer is often not as appreciated as in B2C relationships, so we want to change that. When companies partner with us, and sign up for our Business Rewards (BDR) program you can expect both, an exceptionally clean office (reduced allergens, and germs), and superior benefits that are unmatched in our industry.

     BDR members will receive one weeks worth of FREE services via reward points (points awarded 90 days after a mutually signed annual contract, and can be applied anytime thereafter). If you’re already paying for cleaning services, then why not get the most for your money!

Referral Bonus

Talking about us could earn you points!

Receive 250 Reward Points For Every New Customer Referred!  (250 reward points is equivalent to $25) Points can be used immediately toward any future bookings once awardedThe first 250 Reward points will be paid after the referral’s first Maid For That…cleaning service has been completed. The second 250 Reward points will be awarded upon the referral’s second completed Buffalo Cleaning Pro, LLC…cleaning service. 

Advance Pay Discounts

We are constantly looking at ways to improve process, pricing, and benefits, and with that being said, we are excited to offer our Advance Pay Discount to our customers. This discount offer allows our customers to not only pay in advance for services, but it also rewards them for doing so.

Rewarding Referrals

But there’s a second aspect to our system that sets us apart. Unlike many other businesses, Buffalo Cleaning Pro, LLC doesn’t stop at rewarding repeat business – we also reward referred business. In fact, we give double points to customers who get another customer to shop with us. Now the Loyalty and Referral Program isn’t just keeping existing customers happy – it’s bringing in new customers.

The Customer Loyalty and Referral Program has the potential to be an important part of your business. It’s a way to ensure your brand stays on top in the consumer’s mind, a means of protecting the investment you’ve made in your customer database. It’s also a key way to passively market to new customers by letting your current customers do the legwork. All you have to do is provide superior service. You will receive $25.00 off your next service for every