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Are you looking for the perfect maid service in Buffalo, NY & the Surrounding areas?  Buffalo Cleaning Pro offers you satisfaction, relaxation, and peace of mind by leaving your home sparkling so you can enjoy all that free time after a stressful day, instead of spending it only on washing the dishes or getting your room tidy and clean.

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We know inviting someone into your home is a big deal. Buffalo Cleaning Pro  team members are carefully chosen and vetted thoroughly, so we can have the best person go and care for your home. We guarantee your Buffalo Cleaning Pro cleaner will always be:

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The best, safest, and most professional cleaning service is here with us. Buffalo Cleaning Pro is the representation of reliability, expertise, and customer service. Call us today and get a FREE estimate on affordable cleaning services.

Move In/Out Cleaning

Whether you are a homebuyer moving into a new place, or a seller or renter moving out of your current home, you have a lot on your to-do list. Let us make sure that your new home, or the one you’re leaving, looks spotless and sparkling with our move in and move out cleaning services. Selling after moving out? We can get your property ready for the next owner. Moving in? We’ll make sure your new home can be livable and comfortable as soon as possible. Check out our move out cleaning page. 

Apartment Cleaning

Have you been looking for a reliable apartment cleaning service? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Get the best and most trusted home cleaning service out there! You won’t be disappointed with our services. Impress your family and your friends with how clean your apartment is and host a reunion to catch up at your place!

Airbnb Cleaning

We have the best Airbnb cleaning in the Buffalo area! Let’s be honest; nobody wants to stay in a shabby and dirty place, even if it’s just for a while. You definitely don’t want your guests to feel like they’re living in some kind of shack or cheap motel, right? With our Airbnb cleaning service, we’ll make sure that the next guests won’t even get a hint that someone else has stayed there before them. You can choose from weekly, every other week, or monthly maid service.

Rental Cleaning

Most owners and operators of rental properties don’t usually consider their cleaning service to be one of the most important elements, but it is, as it will help determine the success or failure of their rental business. The key to having a successful rental business is to not only have a nice property in a good location but to have the cleanness be a reflection of you and your business. Buffalo Cleaning Pro can help you build a great reputation and keep it like that!

Special Event Cleaning

Having a special event coming soon? No matter if at home or in a special location, we will be there to clean any space that needs to be ready soon, so you can welcome any guests. If you are hosting a party at your place, or just expecting guests to arrive the next day, call Buffalo Cleaning Pro for a quick makeover. We deliver spotless and highly professional cleaning services for you!

Office Cleaning

Trust the Buffalo Cleaning Pro team to keep your office clean. Our employees will be more than happy to help you and your professional environment look as successful as they can. First impressions are important and we will be your allies! We’ll come to clean before or after hours, when it’s least interruptive for you and provide affordable janitorial and office cleaning services. Buffalo Cleaning Pro is your choice if you want an impeccable result!

Deep Cleaning

If you want your home to not just be clean but “mom standards” clean, then our deep cleaning service will be perfect for you. This service allows a little bit of extra time to organize minor clutter on counter space and take care of those neglected areas that have grime buildup (such as behind the toilets, showers, bathtubs, and areas in the kitchen). Of course, we will take care of all the basic tasks as well. You know, vacuum, mop, dust, sanitizing and wiping all surfaces to make get your home looking great!


Your space should always be spotless, so you can have free time for activities you don’t get to do as often with the daily hassle of modern life. Let our cleaning staff at Buffalo Cleaning Pro do all the hard work for you. We’ll get that floor shining and that furniture looking like silk. We also offer apartment housekeeping because any type of living space deserves to as flawlessly clean as it can be. You won’t be disappointed with our housekeeping services!

Recurring Cleaning

Recurring cleaning services are exactly that: a service scheduled for a specific frequency without the need to book it every time. You can schedule visits from our team every week, every two weeks, or monthly. One deep clean service may solve your problem at the moment, but having someone in your home constantly during a certain amount of time can help you keep it like that, more if you’re busy all the time. Your appliances will stay sparkling, and your bathroom? Impeccable.

Residential Cleaning

Looking for a residential cleaning service in Buffalo which serves surrounding areas that offer you a different, but great experience? Then call us today to get it! Our cleaning system sets us apart, and that’s why our client base keeps getting bigger and better every day. We not only provide services that get your home clean, but we get all kinds of spaces as spotless as you need. We care about the little details and know that these make a difference. Call Buffalo Cleaning Pro and make a difference!

What Do You Get From Our Professional Maids

What Do You Expect?


Make the decision to having a spotless home, apartment, or rental, and call us immediately. Any doubts you might have regarding our services will be answered, and in less time than you think, you’ll have a solution that fits your budget and urgency. Buffalo Cleaning Pro is a trustworthy house cleaning company in Buffalo that wants to see you relaxed and enjoying life. Our agents will treat you with sympathy and will recommend the best cleaning process to you.


Punctuality, discretion, and the right cleaning equipment make up the whole panorama of the cleaning process. If you can’t be present when the cleaning takes place, do not worry, as our team is 100% trustworthy and reliable. You’ll receive real-time alerts so you can know exactly what’s going on. Don’t miss any detail of the cleaning service with Buffalo Cleaning Pro!


We assure you that the results will be impeccable. Every space will look as spotless as possible and even look like a new place! If by the end you’re not satisfied with our services, then don’t worry, as we have a 200% money back guarantee if displeased.

Talking About Our Affordable Maid Services


“Calling ‘strangers’ to clean your home is definitely not as creepy as it sounds, less if you’re hiring the Buffalo Cleaning Pro cleaning services! They make you feel 100% comfortable and they do an incredible job! They’ve saved my life several times by now, I would recommend it to anyone that doesn’t have any time on their hands to even dust off a table.”

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Buffalo is the perfect location for young professionals with plenty of friends, as amenities are many and are situated to the immediate north of the city of Buffalo. Most homes are Tudor style or spacious craftsman, which is appealing for potential buyers. Local shops and restaurants are the favorite spots for locals to go on weekends. There are more than 170 restaurants and 22 hotels, plus countless shops.


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